If you need to get a hold of us we can be found on irc at #j-sis@irchighway.net. Also feel free to post to this blog, or to PM me!


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  1. Hello

    I’m the manageress of the French team of translation Doki Doki Mémo , and we have for project chihayafuru.
    We would like to use your translations (moroever , you do a very good job!).
    If you agree, could give us yourselves a banner of your site? ^^

  2. Hello, i’m a member of the italian foum I Love Anime. I would like to know if
    it’s possible to translate and editing your scans of “Fujoshi Kanojo”.
    we will put credits and thanks in the thread and the link to your website.
    We will wait for an answer.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Salve, faccio parte del forum italiano dell’ I Love Anime.
    Vorrei sapere se fosse possibile avere il vostro permesso per tradurre ed
    editare le vostre scan di “Fujoshi Kanojo”.
    Ovviamente nel nostro topic metteremo i vostri crediti, i dovuti
    ringraziamenti e il link al vostro forum.
    Aspetto una vostra risposta e vi ringrazio anticipatamente.
    Cordiali saluti =)

    • Fujoshi Kanojo stata abbandonata dal nostro gruppo quando stato concesso in licenza in inglese. Se si desidera tradurre in italiano, non esitate a farlo, come J-SiS non si afferma affatto alcun diritto sul titolo. Tuttavia non abbiamo pi a mantenere le copie dei file, quindi dovrete trovare le copie personali. Per i capitoli 10 e oltre si dovr fare affidamento su copie da Yen Press. Vi auguro buona fortuna.

      Cordiali saluti, Arusia

      Fujoshi Kanojo was dropped by our group when it was licenced in English. If you wish to translate it into Italian, feel free to do so, as J-SiS in no way asserts any rights to the title,.However we no longer maintain copies of the files, so you will have to find your own copies. For Chapters 10 and beyond you will have to rely on copies from Yen Press. I wish you good luck.

      Sincerely, Arusia

  3. Hello!
    I’m Kate, a leader of Russian scanlate group ‘Live Manga’ (livemanga.ucoz.ru). We would like to translate your project ‘Fujoshi Kanojo’ into Russian, so we need your permission on re-translating and ediring, please. We, of course, woundn’t delete your credits from our archives.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • We do not own any rights to the work ‘Fujoshi Kanojo’, as such, you are free to translate the series as the law allows. We have no problem with you using our English work, but please be aware, we did not complete the project because it had been licensed.

      Sincerely, Arusia Sotto

  4. Hi I’m Yuuka, an italian blogger who likes doing scans and I’d like to ask you permission to retranslate in my language Hagoromo Mishin. Naturally I’ll keep your credits page.
    Thanks for your hard work and I hope in a positive answer.
    Ahhh….also Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  5. Hello! i am part of a Fansub, called Whitelies fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans of “Ohitorisama Monogatari” for translated to spanish. thank you very much.

  6. Hi, I’m a member of DzetaFansub, a spanish fansub and I want to ask your permission for using your scans from the manga Tokyo Marble Chocolate
    I’m really interested in that manga, It looks very cool and none spanish fansub has translate it.
    Please, I’ll be very happy if you let us use your scans from your fansub!
    (And please, sorry for my english, isn’t the best, I know T_T).
    We are going to put your fansub in our credits and thank you.

    I hope you can answer me as soon as possible, I’m really want to work with that scans!! (pretty awesome <3)
    Regards from Chile!!
    Yuu (my nick on DZ forum – http://fdzeta.com/)
    DzetaFansub (http://www.batoto.net/group/_/d/dzeta-fansub-r2691)

  7. Hello! I am. administrator of a group that translates into Spanish. I wanted to ask permission to translate some of their projects.
    My group is called Momo No Hana Fansub (http://hanafansub.blogspot.com)
    projects that interest me are:
    -Fujoshi Kanojo.
    -Hotaru no Hikari
    -Nee, Honey Shiranai no?
    -Usagi Drop
    -Spicy Pink

    I will wait your answer! =)

      • Thank you! obviously fails the credits page and I will put your link on our blog!
        Thanks also for the data Nee, Honey Shiranai no? ^ ^

  8. Hi im sorry to bug you guys!!!!! But i wanted to no if your still gunna be scan couisn i love this manga so much i just need to if one day ill be able to read it all! Thank you for your hard work!!

  9. Hello.
    First of alI I would like to say you BIG thanks for your work.
    And I have a little entreaty. To learn english I’ve translated a chapter of Hotaru no Hikari using your translations and scans… And now I’m just asking you, can I post your scans of one chapter with my translation onto one readmanga site? Of course I’m going to save all your credits. I understand, that it’s discourtesy, and I would understand if you reply “no”.
    Sivcerely, Akane.

  10. Hi J-Sis Scans!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am especially grateful for Hotaru no Hikari–it’s one of the brightest lights in my life right now! There is another josei series that has been abandoned by another scan group that I would *really* like to see picked up. It is called Clover by Chiya Toriko, and it was last worked on by Evil Flowers. It’s such a great series, and it has been so sad to see it unreleased in over a year. Maybe now that Cousin has been discontinued you may have time for another project? I hope you consider Clover!


  11. Hello, I also would like to re- translate your a few works in my native language, Turkish. I’m going to credit you as the provider if it is okay. By the way, i have been searching desperately for the font you always use in your projects for the secondary thoughts, but i couldn’t find it. I don’t mind using different fonts which i always do but that font is just awesome. The one that looks like “throw my hands up in the air” font. If you don’t mind telling, I’m waiting for the answer. Thanks a lot, you are a great group.

    • In general our font scheme is this.
      Speech and thoughts: Wild Words
      Subtext: Augie or LaCartoonerie
      SFX: Whatever is appropriate.
      If you give me a specific page from a mange, I can look it up for you from my backups.

    • I see, well, i have to stick up with other fonts. thanks for your help, i’m really really appreciated Arusiasotto ^^ I’ll be looking forward to your new releases.

  12. Hello 🙂

    I am Miki Hyuga administrator of Takuma Usui no Fansub (Spanish group) and I would ask your permission to re-translate “Ohitorisama Monogatari” in spanish.
    Please n_n

    My group: Takuma Usui no Fansub
    website: fansubtakumausui.blogspot.com

    Thank you very much n_n.

  13. Hi, there. I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the positions that you guys are looking for help with! My Japanese isn’t all that strong — I’ve translated a manga on my own before for fun, but I’m sure my skills are not of a “public release” quality! …I could probably help out with “Cleanup”, but I’d have to hear a little more about it and perhaps do a trial run first.

    • Well, while I am always on the lookout for translators, Hotaru no Hikari uses some advanced kanji. I do have tasks available for Typesetters, Cleaners, and Quality Checkers. If those sound like something you may be interested, feel free to contact me directly at arusiasotto@gmail.com

  14. Hello!

    I am looking for a oneshot done by your group back in 2009 called “Futsutsukana Ani Desu Ga” (My Brother is Rude) by Yamada Yugi. Would you happen to have the links to it any more?


  15. Hi! I really really love Cousin and it’s been killing me as I’ve been trying to pile up chapters to when this would finish but it’s pretty slow. So I would really love to help out with the editing/cleaning/typesetting because I believe just 3 more chapters to go right? I use PS quite a bit so I would be of help somewhat (I hope lol). Is there anyway that I can be of help to get faster releases?

    • I have the raws myself, what I don’t have is staff to work on them I am afraid. I found someone who is going to help me finish Cousin, at which point I’ll probably get back to HnH.

  16. Hello! I love the manga “Oyome ni Ikenai!” (Josei) but it seems the group ( Aerandia) who’s doing them is already inactive. In desperation I bought the whole set of the series wrongly thinking I can Google translate it. I hope you can adopt this project yourselves, though I don’t know the protocol/ etiquette (if any) followed with respect to the original group who started the project.

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