This Little Light of Mine~


Well folks, a new exciting episode of Himono for your reading pleasure. Please Enjoy!



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  1. Thank you so much for scanlating this series!
    I really love the storyline and the character development.
    Always appreciating the hard work you guys put into your releases.
    Best regards.

  2. I absolutely love this series! I can’t wait for the next update – it updated on some time schedule, or should I just keep checking back?! Love your work, keep up the great job!

  3. I love this series so much! It’s this lovely secret gem i wish more people knew about. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing. Please don’t forget about this manga and keep up the great work. A chapter from these series always makes my day!!! You rock 😉

  4. I just finished ch.56. And i was shocked that this was the last chapter! It is not the end of this manga. What about vol.11,12,13..? Did you give up already? Will there be not new chapters?

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