Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cousin plans Canceled.


We at J-SiS are in this for fun and the fans. As such we don’t take donations or deprive authors of profits. Thus when I discovered that Cousin had been licensed, and made available digitally, I scrapped our work. 

Please support the author by reading it directly at the source:

Sorry if I got your hopes up on that one. 

Now I did find out that Hotaru no Hikari Author Hiura Satoru had began a new series in March named Urara. I just can’t seem to find the raws or info on it… I suck.

Standard widget added. This nice little widget will allow you to directly download our releases. They can be organized into a file system, basically replacing FTP. While I won’t link to it directly, and will still use the mirrors site, you can grab a file quicker if you know where it is. This does require flash to be  installed and running however.