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Hotaru no Hikari 41


Welcome to the next exciting week of Hotaru no Hikari!

We’re still in need of translators! We have one, but as most translators like to work on a biweekly basis, expect us to run out of finished chapters in about 2 months.HnH 39


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Cousin plans Canceled.


We at J-SiS are in this for fun and the fans. As such we don’t take donations or deprive authors of profits. Thus when I discovered that Cousin had been licensed, and made available digitally, I scrapped our work. 

Please support the author by reading it directly at the source:

Sorry if I got your hopes up on that one. 

Now I did find out that Hotaru no Hikari Author Hiura Satoru had began a new series in March named Urara. I just can’t seem to find the raws or info on it… I suck.

Standard widget added. This nice little widget will allow you to directly download our releases. They can be organized into a file system, basically replacing FTP. While I won’t link to it directly, and will still use the mirrors site, you can grab a file quicker if you know where it is. This does require flash to be  installed and running however.