Starting back up!


Arusia here! Setting up to restart Hotaru no Hikari!  Just hoping our new translator works out!



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      • Awesome and thank you for such wonderful news! Happy New Year!

        (Btw, while I’m not experienced in scanlating – just tried it once as a personal project, actually – I’d love to help as much as I can if you need an extra hand or something c:)

    • Ouahhh! I’m really happy to know that Hotoru no Hikari will be translate again, i’m a big fan of this manga, so thanks to J-sis team ! Please translate the v7, i’m really looking foward to this !
      I’m sorry for my bad english, and good luck for all your team ! 😀

  1. Omg c: thank you! It was a hard couple of years. Mostly because this was a series that I had no way of finding. I am glad it is being restarted since unfortunately I don’t know if we will see this licensed any time soon (maybe me but I have noticed Josei manga titles not as prevelant as before either that or I missed them) & it is a nice change of pace from the shounen and shoujo manga. (As a 30 year old woman I sometimes feel out of place reading really typical shoujo manga lol. Once again thank you for restarting the manga.

  2. oh my god…u guys are back again….i had just given up on the manga….u guys are awesome….oh wat a good news this year….i have noticed it late…but better late than never

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