As you may or may not have noticed, chapters have been posted, but not announced or hosted here. This is mainly due to my life being so upside down. However, Shoujo Hearts has been kind enough to lend me manpower to keep the Himono alive. You can still find Himono on Bato.to, or you can give Shoujo Hearts online reader a gander and see some of the work they have done. Sorry for the long silences~


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Tenshi no Tamago


Well folks, surprise release! staffer going by Phanzanu got back with me about an old tankobon she had one hand that was never finished. So, without further à deux, Tenshi no Tamago.

WARNING: Massive feels.



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Other news! We have two chapters of Hotaru no Hikari in the works. A Spanish group is helping reclean all the SFX for us in exchange for getting to use our raws and script!

Hotaru no Hikari Ch 57 and the angels that saved us



Alright everyone, new release of our beloved Himono is now live thanks to the lovely ladies and gents at ShoujoHearts. They were kind enough to give us a hand on this and future chapters, as well as a new project I’ve been dying to get done. Three cheers for Himono!


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Be sure to check out ShoujoHearts website for some of their fantastic projects.



With school back in session, and the summer falling behind us, I would like to take this moment to beg of you all… your time.

J-SiS is in need of talented individuals well versed in Photoshop, to typeset new chapters.


Please e-mail me at arusiasotto@gmail.com if you can help.

We love you~

P.S. – A talented Chinese translator would also be awesome for a shorter, smuttier series…